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Operating in Saudi Arabia since 2002, Nayifat has been a pioneer in providing consumers & SMEs in the Kingdom with innovative Sharia Compliant financing solutions which cater to ever-changing customer needs.
Nayifat is one of the first finance companies to be licensed by Saudi Central Bank to perform financing activities including:

1.    Consumer Finance
2.    Credit Card Finance
3.    SME finance
4.    Finance lease
5.    Peer to Peer Lending

Company’s Information

Nayifat Finance Company with a capital of 1,000,000,000 SR
Monitored and under the supervision of Saudi Central Bank
Saudi Central Bank License: 201312/A Sh/5 Commercial Register 1010176451 Membership 121759

P.O. Box 27389 Riyadh 11417, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
7633 Al Ulaya, Al Woroud Dist, Unit No. 1555 Riyadh 12253 – 2105