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Repayment Tools

You may visit the nearest branch and settle your monthly payment through our Point of Sale terminals.

Standing Order:
Offers customers the option to settle their monthly payments via automated bank instructions between the customer and the bank to Nayifat bank account.

Now you can pay your Nayifat monthly Instalment from anywhere and anytime. All what you have to do is to choose your suitable tool, and follow the steps with any of the following payment systems of SADAD:

SADAD through internet:
1.    Log into your personal bank account, select “PAYMENTS” from the main services list.
2.    Select “add paying to” from the new list.
3.    Select “Company connected with SADAD”, then select NAYIFAT number “124” from the companies list.
4.    Enter your national ID for SADAD payment in one cell and your name in the other cell.
5.    Go back to the main page and select “pre-registered bills”.
6.    NAYIFAT Company will appear within the options, click on it.
7.    The system will notify you with the due amount, select “Pay full amount”.
8.    The system will confirm payment completion

SADAD through phone:
1.    Log into your personal account through IVR,
2.    Select “SADAD payments and pre-registered bills”.
3.    Then select “SADAD companies” from the options.
4.    Enter Nayifat SADAD code “124”.
5.    Enter the account number that was given by Nayifat, enter the number.
6.    Select “Pay full amount”.
7.    The system will confirm the completion of the payment.


SADAD through ATM
1.    Select SADAD from the service list.
2.    Select “new bill” from the next SCREEN.
3.    Select “other services” from the next SCREEN.
4.    Enter the account number that was given by Nayifat
5.    Select “Pay full amount”.
6.    The system will confirm the payment, then pull out the receipt from the ATM machine