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FAQ general questions not used

How to submit documents to obtain individual financing from the company?

The first stage when applying for financing:

– A form filled out by the customer and signed with a signature identical to the signature of the bank – complete and accurate registration. (Available at the branch employee)
– Disclosure of the customer’s obligations filled out by the customer with a signature identical to the bank’s signature (available at the branch employee)
– A valid and signed ID copy of the customer.
– Account statement for the last 3 months sealed by the bank to the customer indicating the deposit of the salary until the last salary immediately before submission.
Definition of salary to the customer (stamped by the Chamber of Commerce for private sector employees).
– Client business card for the military sector.
– Bank card or IBAN number.
National address
Signing a health declaration form for amounts in excess of 200,000 riyals (available at the branch employee)

Note: In the event that 20 days have passed from the date of the initial approval and the financing application procedures have not been completed, a new account statement must be brought indicating the salary of the last month before preparing the contract.

The second stage after preparing the contract:

– Client signature on all contract documents.
Deduction provision (sealed standing order).
– The customer’s signature on the direct debit form and it is not required to activate the form except for the following banks (Al-Rajhi – Samba – Al-Jazeera). Please activate and authenticate the direct discount before handing it over to the customer service employee.