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Nayifat VISA Card brings you a growing range of benefits. Say goodbye to your worries, with immediate acceptance at all VISA Card merchants & ATM machines All over the world. Live comfortably with stress-free and safe transactions 24/7, and provide SMS alerts for every transaction, giving you total control.

Nayifat Gold Card

Nayifat gold card

The Nayifat Visa Gold Cards provide a high credit limit and enhance your purchasing power through higher spending limits and global acceptance. It has the latest safe shopping features and is accepted around the world, whether for traditional or online commerce.

Nayifat Rewards Card

Nayifat rewards

Enjoy the purchasing power and security of Visa, along with the competitive offers, rewards, and premium service offered by Nayifat.

Nayifat Classic Card

nayifat classic card

Choose the Nayifat Visa Classic card (low credit limit) for convenience, reliability and global acceptance. You can charge it anytime and use it anywhere, providing you with great ability to control your expenses and subscriptions.