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E-Commerce (3D Secure)

This feature protects and secure a cardholder when he/she purchase through internet by receiving one-time password (OTP) for every individual ecommerce transaction. 
A customer credit card will be registered directly with the Visa 3D secure system. OTP will be received by SMS on the phone number or email registered at Nayifat Finance Company for every individual ecommerce purchase. The cardholder must enter the OTP number to confirm his ecommerce purchase. The 3D secure system ensures secured ecommerce transaction while using Nayifat credit card without hesitation and fear of using cardholder data by entities that are not authorized to make illegal purchases.

Tips for secured e-commerce:

•  Ensure that the link begins with the secure encryption protocol (https://) instead of the common protocol (http://).
• Ensure that website is secured, as the lock icon should appear in the browser’s address bar, and you must pay attention to any other security warnings that may arise from the browser.
• Read carefully the (alert) notifications messages sent to your phone number and ensure the purchase information is correct as per your input.
• Check all specifications (details) of the product you wish (will) to purchase, and do not purchase counterfeit goods.
• Make sure to buy from well-known and guaranteed websites and make sure to evaluate the product and its description therefore your online purchase will be secured.
• Check the credit card statement frequently; at least once a month, it is preferable to (cardholder must) activate the notifications feature when making any purchased using the credit card.
• Ensure the reliability of ecommerce websites and that they are information-safe (in term of cyber-security ability).
• It is not preferable to use public Wi-Fi networks to implement ecommerce.