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Tips after getting the card

  • Do not allow any person to access your credit card and keep it in safe. 
  • Do not share your credit card details with other people. 
  • Signature must be signed behind the card upon receipt. 
  • Destroy old or expired cards. 
  • Protect your credit card data when making purchases or withdrawing cash. 
  • Never write your password on the card. 
  • Do not write your password in the wallet. 
  • Keep the receipt and compare it with the card statement. 
  • If any difference occur in the account statement or transaction that you have not carried out, you should contact the Nayifat customer care directly and report these differences. 
  • When purchasing from the Internet, you should deal with well-known merchants and agencies with a good reputation and ensure the availability of a secure protection system when using credit card details. 
  • Request and review your credit history once a year. 
  • Contact Nayifat customer care directly to report the loss (lost) or stolen card. 
  • Change your passwords regularly, especially when returning from travel, and do not respond to unidentified calls or emails. 
  • Keep credit card in a safe place and do not leave it away from you.